I Needed To See Myself Differently

Tell us about yourself...

Lets see...I’m about to turn 30, mom of two of the best kids ever, wife, I’m a licensed massage therapist for 9 years now. I’m usually a people pleaser, it’s hard for me to say no to people. I’m a calm, quiet person just trying to get through the day.


What was your reason for doing a boudoir session?

There were many reasons. I think the one that stands out the most is that I needed to do something for myself, to see myself in a different light. The past 7-8 years has been routine...having kids, getting married, buying a house...yeah thats what life is all about, but it hit me without me even realizing. I went through all the motions, not enjoying any of it. So after all these years of raising little kiddos, housework, being a wife, and having my own part time job....mannnn, I just needed to do something for me. Reboot and get back to me.

Were you documenting an accomplishment or milestone during our session?

I’m saying yes because one of my reasons for doing this was turning 30 next month. I feel like right when I was finding myself 9 years ago, life happened and my twenties were spent in a routine daze. I want to see myself as 30 and beautiful and HAPPY.

How did you feel leading up to your session?

Excited, nervous, didn’t know what to expect but wasn’t expecting anything. I really just wanted to listen to Molly, focus and just believe. Believe there was a reason I found Molly and I decided to seek this out and fucking showed up at her door that day.


I wanted (probably needed) to see myself differently. I wanted to see myself in the moment.

How did you feel during our session?

At first, nervous... I probably talked Claire’s ear off because I was so nervous. Then standing in the dressing room, staring in the mirror thinking “am i really going to walk upstairs like this”.....and i did! And Molly (or Claire) never once made me feel uncomfortable. It was truly an amazing experience.

Is there a moment that sticks out to you?

The whole experience. Molly was right there, encouraging, guiding, I mean damn. At one point, she showed me one of the pictures she took and I thought she was going to say “do it more like this”, but it was me in the picture...it was ME! I will remember that day forever.

What were some of the UNEXPECTED emotions you felt during our session?

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I just wanted to ‘go with the flow’ which is part of my personality anyways. But what was unexpected was how easily she transitioned...I left thinking holy shit she just got me naked and I didn’t even realize. That’s how comfortable I was!!


How did you feel right after or even days after your session?

Okay so right after the session, I actually felt very sick. But as weird as this may sound...I truly believe something came out of me that day. All the negativity that my own mind had thought up or the negativity that others have put into my head, it all left. I own my feelings and happiness. No one else can control that. And no matter how many times I’ve heard those negative comments and even for future negative comments, rise above Stephanie because you are beautiful, you are strong, and you can do this!

Has doing a boudoir session had any lasting emotional effects on you?

I’ve been on an upward climb for months but this boudoir session definitely pulled me out of some darkness I was in. I’m loving the way I feel about myself and my life and it will continue. Yes there will be stressful times, but the strength and beauty will be there.


What would you tell women who are considering doing a session?

Do it!!!! Yeah, you might be scared and nervous. But go for it! Do it! Especially if you need a boost. I needed it. And I cannot thank Molly enough. She captured me in ways I neverrrrrr thought was there. Thank you to Claire, she was amazing too. The two of you made this experience life changing for me...and there is nothing else I can say except thank you.

Don't Rush The Universe - You Are Right On Time

August is here! Which means I am turning over a new leaf to age 29.

Some may think that’s young while others see it as old,but I am not sure how I really see it? I am not happy or sad, however I feel confident in making it a good year for me regardless of what happens.



As I get older each year, I feel an overwhelming amount of pressure added to my shoulders. I still am not sure if it is from society, myself or probably a mixture of both, but it’s fucking heeeeeavy! I feel like by this time in my life I should have had my shit figured out (whatever that means)? If not married, in a serious relationship working towards it. Have a more in depth and rewarding career path. In general, just not be so… fucking spacey, but I am.


In some ways, I almost feel like I am moving backwards. It’s always hard to hear when people are “worried” about you and what you’re going to do in life especially when you try so hard to achieve it for yourself.

I read something recently a good friend sent me after exhaling all of this on him and it hit me. Right. In. My. CORE:

Don’t rush the universe.

Someone will graduate at 21,

But wait 5 years to get a good job.

Someone with no education

Will be a millionaire at 21.

Someone will get married at 20,

But divorce 5 years later.

Someone will get married at 30,

But find everlasting love.

You’re NOT late.

You’re NOT early.

You’re on time.


The one thing I can say though is that my self-worth has skyrocketed in the last year and I owe a lot of that to being a brand ambassador for Molly.


I know it sounds cliche, but to become proud of your body through the art she provides is something I would never have thought possible.

I have high expectations for this year mainly because I know I am beautiful, talented, and worth it.

Maybe a guy will never see that. Maybe I will never get that next career step. Maybe I won’t have that “normal” life. One thing I will know though is, I am not settling for anything because I know what I am worth. Finally, and no one can take that from me.

I Found Myself Again

There were many reasons I decided on a boudoir session, the main one was to find ME again. To know that no matter what size I've become I'm still beautiful.  I've been through A LOT of crap in my life and I've pulled myself up out of all of it.

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I Felt So Happy

I felt so happy afterwards! I felt like calling every one of my girlfriends on my drive home and telling them how much fun it was. My session put me in such a good mindset even days after! I think it has definitely given me more confidence and helped me see myself as sexy.

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