I Felt So Happy

I’m 22 and manage a cosmetic counter for work. I’m getting married in June to the man of my dreams! I wanted to do a boudoir session to give the photos to my fiancé as a gift on our wedding day.

But, I also just wanted to do one for myself - I worked hard to lose weight over the past couple years and I’m really proud of where I am.

I wanted to document myself and my body at this point in my life and I love that I’ll always have this to look back on. I just wanted to appreciate where I’m at in life right now and celebrate my confidence!

Initially, I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t really know what to expect with being new to the boudoir scene, but mostly just excited!!

During my session, I felt great! Any anxiety I had on the way over was totally eased when I walked in the door when I was greeted by Molly and her amazing hair/makeup artist, Claire! The actual session I felt super calm, confident and relaxed, Molly makes you feel at home and is so easy to talk to.

At one point Molly showed me a photo on her camera that she had just taken, and I was amazed at how much I loved it!! I’ve never seen myself look that good!

That gave me the extra boost of confidence and excitement for the rest of the session, knowing she knew the right angles for super flattering pictures. I felt like a badass woman! I never really knew much about boudoir until recently so it made me feel empowered knowing that I just got up and decided to do this on my own.

I felt so happy afterwards! I felt like calling every one of my girlfriends on my drive home and telling them how much fun it was.

My session put me in such a good mindset even days after! I think it has definitely given me more confidence and helped me see myself as sexy. I am so excited to see my fiancé’s reaction, I’m sure that will make me all kinds of emotional. Hahaha

If you’re still thinking about doing a session, just do it!! You won’t regret it. Molly and Claire are very positive people to be around and the experience itself was just so rewarding. I loved getting my hair and makeup done and the curls in my hair even lasted the next couple days! I felt so special that day and will definitely be back in the future :)