I Found Myself Again

I am a 52 year old mom of two great adult children. I'm single and live with my crazy Belgian Malinois, Inga. I work way to much... in a leadership position for county government, as an intelligence officer for a local fire department and the state of Missouri.  I'm also a board member on a foundation dedicated to providing anonymous assistance to the first responder community. I love vintage, antique shopping and repurposing furniture.


There were many reasons I decided on a boudoir session, the main one was to find ME again. To know that no matter what size I've become I'm still beautiful.  I've been through A LOT of crap in my life and I've pulled myself up out of all of it. But after my divorce in 2010 I had been made to believe I would never be good enough for anyone again..i love boudoir, the innocence, the beauty, the confidence. It's taken me this long to find someone I might be comfortable enough with to be able to let my guard down and do this.

In the days leading up to my session, I was nervous, scared to the death even, but also so excited.

62092979_550160702177195_5362099380079820800_n (1).jpg

When I walked into Molly's studio I wanted to turn around and walk back out. When we started talking I could sense in Molly that she understood my story and after a while of sitting in the chair preparing I knew I made the right choice.  It still took me most of the session to even get close to relaxing. I think when I was able to mess up my hair and lay on the bed was my most relaxed moment.


I had a moment once I relaxed where I felt sexy. I never thought I would feel that way again.


Right after the session, I got in my car, drove off, and found myself crying (happy tears) because I had the courage to do this and I felt empowered. I felt so proud of myself for taking this leap at my age. I even donated all of my “old lady” clothes and have started buying lingerie again!

If you’re thinking about doing a session, you HAVE to do it. Molly is a special soul.  She makes you feel safe, non-judged and amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to do another.


Thank you for helping me find me again.