My 235 Pound Body Feels Like A Badass Beauty

“Why would I do a shoot?”

“I need to lose a lot of weight before I do something like that!”

“I just don’t really know what I would do with the photos.”

“I am single.”

Are these statements you make when thinking about doing a boudoir shoot? Well, I was in the SAME exact thought process this time last year.

I am a 28 year old single woman who is alone most of her days. I was raised in a tiny ass Lutheran school with 3 other classmates throughout middle school, then thrown into high school not knowing a soul.

I was overweight, awkward, quiet and the definition of what it means to be insecure.

Colleges? Yes multiple, came and went and so did jobs. I started dating thinking I found love, but painfully lost myself through it all.

My point of this quick life synopsis is everyone has their story (that being my tiny condensed elevator pitch version). However, I never in a million years thought that I would add to my list of “things I do in my spare time” , modeling nude/next-to-nude with a chick I went to high school with/4 other really beautiful strangers. Look at me now!

My naked ass is all over the damn internet and I am PROUD of it! You know why? Because my 235 pound body feels like a badass beauty for ONCE in my life.

When I had my first shoot with Molly, my outlook and self perception changed. I was going through a heart shattering breakup after being cheated on. I found myself gaining weight faster than I could grasp it. I was depressed because I felt like I wasn’t “where I should be” in life. I lost myself. I NEEDED THIS SHOOT and I didn’t even know it.

Guys, I am not trying to sell you a magic happy pill or the next greatest trend.

I am trying to show you how to love who YOU are for who you are RIGHT NOW.

You don’t have to wait and love yourself 25 lbs lighter. You sure as hell don’t have to wait for someone else to love you to love yourself. LOVE YOU NOW! Document every aspect of you and don’t make excuses.

Just had a baby? Awesome, love that your body was strong enough to carry that little nugget around for 9 months and successfully gave life! Why would you shame your body for that?

Not at your goal weight? Guess what? Look at what your damn body does for you EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thank it!!! DAILY!

Broke? Hey girl, me fucking too! But I booked my session a half year out so I could SAVE CASH for this bad boy. There is no excuse not to reward yourself for kicking ass and taking names!

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself, body and mind more? Start now because ladies the days are long, but the years are oh so short so don’t wish them away!