The Third Act of Life at 65

Hey there, Michaela here!
I'm a newly single, well seasoned, professional woman stepping into the third act of life at 65.

I've chosen to gift myself with a boudoir session as an acknowledgement of the fire that still lives inside me.

Approaching cultural and societal lines of demarcation with an age defined by Medicare, "senior" moments, and sweet old lady definitions along with being discarded for a newer model by a now ex-husband.....this opportunity to celebrate myself seemed to be the right fit for me.

What I felt leading up to the session was primarily self evaluation combined with curiosity. Being an entrepreneur, I like to try new things and I'm open two ideas of creativity, self-expression as well as healing through powerful action.

Throughout the session I felt comfortable, at ease, joyful, playful and in complete trust of the professionalism displayed by Molly.

There is not a particular moment that sticks out in my mind other than the fact that I was completely impressed with the professionalism the guidance and direction provided to make this such a beautifully flowing experience.

I guess the most poignant unexpected emotion that came to me during the session was that perhaps through the lens and through Molly's eyes I was actually being seen.... I was being looked at.

I don't feel like I'm fading away into invisibility due to my age and it's not that looks are everything or anything however, again the societal and cultural disappearance of older women is a definite reality.

I do feel a level of increased confidence and presence as a positive representation of a woman of "a certain age".

Love yourself by gifting yourself with a session.

After sitting with Molly and going over the proofs, laughing and having conversation, I left the studio feeling that I could now take On The World and follow through with anything and everything that I will set my mind to do. Thank you for this inspiration and I hope that I can be an inspiration to others.