A Vampire in a Haunted Cigar Bar

welcome to the 27 year old mind of Katherine ;)

I work full time

I go to school part time

I celebrate others all the time.

I did this shoot because I have been forcing myself to do different things, to step outside of my comfort zone and try to touch on all parts of myself. I want to explore, learn and create. This was a good way for me to get my feet wet and I doubt this will be the last photo shoot I do with Molly. I was very shy throughout the process but I knew I would be disappointed if I didn't say yes to going nude at the end. I know I am comfortable with myself on many levels but not all with nude and I am working on that. This was a fun time, a good experience and making a small fantasy a reality felt really, really good.

I have lost about 20 pounds and wanted to immortalize that. I also needed this, to prove to myself that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to and that I can branch out and try new things, that I do not have to be afraid and that I can love myself EXACTLY the way I am.

Before our session I was nervous, so nervous, self conscious and above all else...excited.

I have never seen myself on camera in this way. The curiosity of the entire experience/process was my driving force.

During our session I felt shy mostly, part of myself was holding back a bit I think. It took a few but I think I loosened up throughout and I definitely felt myself take a few really good shots.

To be honest it was all kind of blur in a way. Just being there and doing that was a bit of a shock for me mentally but at the end when we were done I felt like a new person. I have never felt like that...just renewed like someone was living inside of me and she got to come out for a minute.

Afterwards all I felt was confidence and sexiness. Those are things I do not identify with in my day to day. Stepping into that role really put my physical attributes in perspective for me and I learned a lot about my body. I didn't expect that either.

Right after I felt refreshed. In the days leading up to my reveal I felt like a new person. A completely different girl then the one that showed up to the shoot. Actually it feels and sounds strange to call myself a girl. I feel like a woman now.

I want to do more! I love this form of expression and it speaks to me. I am constantly trying new things and exploring new places to find the hobbies/people that call to me and my curiosity for boudoir is not satiated.

Do it. Do not even think about it. Just say yes. The learning that happens about yourself is more than enough.

I have like 20 million ideas and I can promise next time so much more thought will go into them. I was a little unprepared going into this session due to the story telling part of it and that will not happen again! I cannot wait! I do want to try just the normal boudoir stuff and white sheet too. Definitely want to try white sheet.