There isn’t a price on your self esteem

I’m a 23 year old, outgoing, fun, loud, insurance guru who recently became engaged! I wanted to do a boudoir session because I needed to feel better about myself. I was feeling insecure and recently engaged so thought it was the perfect engagement present!

I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin, after about the 7th photo I felt like a million bucks.

Before my session I was unbelievably nervous, flaky, and insecure. My thoughts about being in front of a stranger completely naked were fueling those emotions!

During my session I felt amazing, beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly like it was completely natural.

A moment that sticks out to me was Molly took a photo, looked at, and loved it so much she had to show me on her camera rather than wait until the photo reveal.


The reason I wanted to do the shoot was to feel exactly what Molly helped me accomplish.

After going home to my fiancé, he did a double take and I just smiled and felt even better.

I am more confident when naked or even just in my favorite pair of jeans.DO IT!!! There isn’t a price on your self esteem and self confidence. I would do it a million times over again.