Powerful & Beautiful at the Same Time

I'm a 38 year old mommy of 3 beautiful girls, and 2  step children and I married my best friend almost 4 years ago. 

I work full time for my brother- in -law. Almost all my time is spent with my family whom I love dearly and taking care of our dog Vinnie! I have a great sense of humor and enjoy a glass of wine once the kids are in bed.

After 2 failed marriages, having no self confidence and forgetting how to take care of my myself,  I wanted to do this shoot to prove to myself that i could still be beautiful and a mom at the same time.

I wanted to finally take a chance and step out of my comfort zone.

I was nervous yet excited.

During my session I was very comfortable. Molly and Kristin were great. They were both funny and I felt like we were old friends. They really know how to make you feel beautiful!

A moment that sticks out to me was when Kristin was so very excited about the fact that I had short hair that she made me very excited that I had short hair.

The energy in the room was fantastic. She

made me feel bold about me.

It was crazy to me how comfortable I felt. You're pretty much naked in front of two people you just met and get laying on a bed...hahaha and I felt like it was just another day!

I also for the first time in a long time felt powerful and beautiful at the same time. And just for that alone, I'm so very grateful.

I can honestly say, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt so energetic, happy but most of proud of myself.

I can say I did it and want to do it again. When I think about my shoot, I get very happy and proud all over again. It has helped me believe in me.

Do it and don’t hold back!

I recommend Molly and Kristin to everyone! I love them.