Our Flaws Are Raw Beauty

I am a 24, single mom trying to learn to love myself flaws and all.

I felt nervous and excited up until my session.

Fueling my nervousness was trying something outside of my comfort zone. I've always wanted to do this, but never felt fully confident to try before.

During my session I felt confident and beautiful, at ease.

Something that sticks out was how relatable both Molly and Kristen were and down to earth and friendly. They helped me feel comfortable and at ease and not nervous.

Some of my unexpected emotions? 


I felt very relaxed and comfortable and I was expecting to be nervous but the nerves went away and I felt really relaxed and comfortable.

Even in the days after my session I felt confident, beautiful and sexy for a change.

It has made me feel like everyone has flaws but what we overlook is that our flaws are actually raw beauty within our other beauty.

I would tell women who are considering doing a session to stop waiting, and just do it! You will not regret it. You will only regret the "what if" of never trying. I think it's an experience every woman should get to feel. It's really a great feeling and you don't have to do it for anyone else but yourself even.

It's a really neat experience. I feel it helps a little bit with women figuring out how beautiful they really are flaws and all.

Thank you Molly for helping me out with something I struggled with for so long.

Trying to find beauty in myself and see past my 'flaws'.