Molly Freund {Zealous Stills Boudoir}… AIBP’s Featured Photographer

In Richmond, Illinois, Molly Freund, Owner of Zealous Stills Boudoir… is busy.  As a single mom of two very young children, one on the Autism Spectrum, Molly juggles a lot – and she does it well.  Self-taught with a mentor, which she credits as a large part of her success… Molly dreams of visiting Antarctica and would love to have a conversation with the late-Mae West- from the other side.  I hope you enjoy reading about Molly, as much as I did.  Read further and learn more about Molly Freund… it’s a fun read and an adventurous ride!

I am beyond words of excitement to be a featured photographer for the Association Of International Boudoir Photographers

I was asked about my studio, my style, my clients, how I learned, where I see myself in the future....

I'm humbled and driven even further by this article.

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