"Would I Look Old?"

“I am an (almost) 54 year old empty nester mom.”


My only daughter is off experiencing life at college having a great time. I work full time in the special education field and love what I do.  

I would describe myself as reserved with a sassy side.

Im a big believer in the YOLO philosophy and try to make the most out of life.

This has become more challenging for me these past few years after being diagnosed with both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.  Im having to adapt to living with pain and mourning the loss of my once very active lifestyle.

This sucks but I wont let it stop me from living life to the fullest.


I wanted to do something special just for me. As a mom and a social worker Im constantly taking care of others. Doing a boudoir shoot was a way I could just focus on me.

Not on my health issues, but me as the sensual and provocative woman that I am. I was immediately drawn to Molly’s artistic style when I was introduced to Zealous Stills. After a brief conversation I knew we had similar creative views and I booked a session immediately.


 I was mostly excited but a little nervous. Would I look old? Could I possibly still look sexy at my age? Could I pull off the right facial expression and not look like a dork?  Will my stupid arthritis allow me to stand in heels and arch my body the way that is needed to look sexy.......(I could go on but you get the picture)

My own insecurities were stemming from medias expectation of what is considered sexy.


I had a blast during my session.

From the moment I walked into the studio I felt the relaxed atmosphere and was comfortable immediately. Claire did this sexy cat eye and a red lip that just popped.

Molly was great and coached me through every pose and the time went by so quick. I never knew how much I enjoy being in front of the camera. Usually I am always the one behind the lens. It brings out this sassy sensual side of me that I had forgotten existed.


My first thought when we were done shooting was that I need to do this again!!


There was one moment towards the end of my session where I was up on my knees in the bed and Molly had me turn my head and look at the camera. I remember looking at the lens with this sassy smile because I was having so much fun and just felt confident in what I was doing. Molly let out a yeeesss!!! and I knew I nailed it.

That felt incredible.

There is one thing that stands out as unexpected. Molly asked me if I wanted to do any topless photos. Even  though I had been feeling sexy and confident up to that point my old insecurities about body image popped up and I immediately said no. It was not shyness but rather fear that I would not look sexy. After seeing my images at the reveal I know that I would have been pleased had I not chickened out.

 I cant lie, I was very anxious to see my images. I had built up in my head that my facial expressions would be awkward and that I would look old. I was blown away at the reveal at how sexy and elegant I looked, without any photoshop! I had an image in my mind of what I wanted and Molly was spot on in how she captured me.

This has allowed me to look at myself in a totally different way. Before my boudoir experience I believed that I was beautiful and I felt pretty good about myself. However, I did not believe that I looked sexy.  


I am not curvy at all and have actually had a man say to me  

“you would be a 10 if you had bigger boobs.”

This really does a number on one’s self esteem! After viewing my images and seeing how hot I looked, I finally believed that I truly am the sensual woman I have always felt like on the inside.

 Every woman should do this for sure!!!

It is by far the most empowering experience I have ever had. Not only will you feel like a Victoria’s Secret model for the day, you will walk away with a new found sense of confidence that will make you feel like a goddess!

The icing on the cake will be the amazing images you will have to always remind you of how much fun you had while in the studio. I guarantee you will not be able to stop looking at your album and will want to share it with anyone who is not uncomfortable seeing you half naked!

Just that I want to thank Molly and Claire for giving me such an amazing experience. I’m still in awe of how beautiful my images turned out and cannot wait to receive my album.