To Honor My Body

I am a 28 year old, super independent and boss ass bitch kinda woman. I work HARD for what I have and will work even harder to get what I want! 

This session was for me and to honestly honor my body.

I have been on a CONSTANT "weight loss" journey and have yoyo'd like crazy the past few years. I was ALWAYS overweight as long as I could remember. Finally, in college I got my booty in gear! I lost a ton of weight and I felt good, but I never felt good enough and always yearned to lose more and more.

With all the attention that was given to me about how great I looked, I rapidly began to lose more weight in a very unhealthy way. I found myself very sick both mentally and physically all because people “liked my look” at this size.

However, as fast as it came off, it came back twice as fast and I found myself back to an unhealthy weight, depressed, anxious and all around unhappy. I would never look at my body and say that I love it, but I do love what it has been through and what it does for me every second of the day.

With that being said, I have recently regained control of my life, mind, and body! I finally decided to glorify my body in the best way by doing this and I think EVERYONE’S body deserves to be honored this way as well.

If you’re on the fence, just do yourself the favor and let Molly get you naked, you won’t regret it for a second!

Before my session I was extremely apprehensive!

I think it was because I never felt like I could be as beautiful as the women Molly would post. I knew I would be larger than most and not sure how that would look in photos. I just had a lot of self doubt all around.

Although Molly makes you feel beyond comfortable, like letting you pick out your own music (Yonce always), I was still nervous getting started, with thoughts like these:

"Am I going to be flexible enough?" "How is my ass actually going to look in this getup?" "I should've practiced my smize!"

However, once she started talking to me and showing me what to do, it's like Beyonce herself overtook my body and BAM! I was the Queen herself on that bed!

I think my most memorable moment was when we moved into the infamous "white sheet" portion of the shoot. I thought I would be MORE nervous once I was completely nude, but once again Molly made me feel like a goddess in that white sheet, even more than my outfit!

WHEN, not IF, you do a shoot, make sure to incorporate the "white sheet" into your photos!

I didn't really show it, but I was pretty emotional during my session. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this and how great I could feel being naked in front of camera LOL

My best friend texted me right after and asked how it went, since she was a previous Molly client. I loved the experience, but just didn't want to get TOO excited I guess. However, once I finally saw my photos, I was in SHOCK! I LOVED THEM! Molly is extremely talented and made me look AMAZING!

Truly showed me a different side of myself that I have NEVER seen. It was empowering and beyond eye opening!

DO IT. Seriously, I know it might seem terrifying, but Molly is beyond fantastic. She knows exactly what to say to you and she is not only professional, but has a great humor to make you feel comfortable.

You're the best! Thanks for making this super insecure lady feel sexy and happy <3