I'm a 57 Year Old Mom

I am a 57 year old mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, boss, and employee...all these roles make me...me.  

I love my life and love to laugh.  I believe in living each day to the fullest and to always make yourself a priority.  

“Me-time” is an absolute necessity. 

It’s not my first time doing boudoir, it’s my third with Molly and each time it’s been an experience I will forever treasure. I do it for many reasons, my husband loves them is one, but mostly I do them for the empowerment and confidence they give me.

"Molly shows we are beautiful no matter our size or our age! I was super excited to do it again because of my two other sessions with Molly!" 

It started with makeup and hair. Claire was outstanding! Molly went over my outfits and picked the perfect ones, she gets me (Smile). I was comfortable and felt beautiful... Every time it’s been different, I love the new studio. It was as awesome as ever! Nothing was unexpected but my emotions were...happy, excited, empowered, confident, and of course a little scared, it’s outside my usual comfort zone so I love that I do it.

I felt alive, sexy and really good about myself! 

After my session I just kept thinking I want Claire to do my hair, makeup, and lashes everyday! I want my picture taken more often (I shy away from them sometimes). I hope my daughter is proud of her mom not looking “mom-ish” (sexy doesn’t mean nude in most of my photos). I hope my husband loves my pictures.


I feel happy that I did them again. Of course, that’s why I’ve done them again.

I have way more confidence in myself.

I feel sad that so many people don’t see their true beauty which Molly captures, I don’t mean outward beauty necessarily, it’s the confidence, strength, and presence...it shows. It’s hard to explain. 

To all women...it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day life. Never become complacent and always take time for you. Being a wife, mother, etc. doesn’t mean you cease to be you, never lose yourself, and always love yourself.


You will not regret it.