My scars are like my badge.

I am a 28 year old wife, aunt, sister, friend, cooking enthusiast, party hostess, ballerina, breast cancer survivor, and tough cookie.

The idea originated as surprise anniversary gift for my husband. But it turned into more than that.

I then wanted this art as a keepsake for myself- A visual reminder of how much I love and appreciate my healthy, strong, beautiful body.

Leading up to my session I was 90% excited, 10% nervous. I was looking forward to the experience and the end result. During my boudoir session I felt confident, gorgeous, and entertained. 

A moment that sticks out to me.... I didn't want to photograph my breasts because I thought my scars didn't belong in a photograph. Molly encouraged me to try it if I felt comfortable.

I quickly realized that my scars and imperfections are worth photographing because they make me me. My scars are like my badge. They say "I did it. I beat it. And look at me now. I'm alive, I'm healthy, I'm strong, and I'm beautiful. I'm still me."

I felt very sexy afterwards. I called my husband and told him he had to take me on a date that night. We had a really great date and he told me I looked beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy about a thousand times.

I giggled in my head because I knew the real reason why I was all dolled up and he didn't.

I hope in 30 years my emotions are, "dang! I looked gooooood!" :-)

Do it! Because, why not? You'll have fun!

Thank you, Molly!