It’s euphoric almost.

I’m 27 (only for one more month but still counts! lol) I’m a hairstylist in small town Iowa and been married to my husband for 6 years this year. We’ve got 3 furbabies and I’m literally obsessed with them! I’d like to think I’m seen as a loyal and fun loving friend/wife with a good/weird sense of humor.

One of my girlfriends had gotten hers done for her wedding and she looked GORGEOUS and is generally a more conservative person than I am. So I thought to myself, what is even holding me back? I had been on your page and group for a long time and in love with your work, so that was it. Booked that same day!

Leading up to the session I wasn’t nervous necessarily, just anxious.

Not knowing what to expect or how it would work. I’m not the “most sexy” person in general so I didn’t know if I would look silly or not.

Molly, honestly this is going to come off so corny, I get teary eyed thinking about the session because it was so wonderful. From the minute I walked into the studio, you and Kristin put me at ease. I am still shocked at the amount of detail you put into your sessions. I cannot believe how much fun I had and never had a moment I felt uncomfortable.

When I switched to the sheet “outfit” I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was naked besides that. But you came over and just had the best poses and ease about you that I forgot I wasn’t wearing clothes. That really surprised me because it’s not often I’m photographed naked in a studio 😜lol

As for unexpected emotions...happiness. I felt that before I even saw the photos because it was such a fun time! And I had come in with a few ideas and you listened to them all and helped me make them come to life.

Even days after I've felt excitement and joy! I’ve never felt this great about myself. It’s euphoric almost. It feels like a dream which I know sounds so corny but it’s true. It was fun the whole time and it’s not often that I can get out of my own head, but I was able to just relax and have fun.

I have not stopped telling all the women in my life about this!!

Boudoir in general is so beautiful, but boudoir with you Molly, is something every girl needs to do for herself!

Not only was it so fun to do, seeing myself in that new light has given me a new confidence about myself. My husband told me things in the photos he liked too which was crazy to hear because I didn’t notice any of those about myself before he said them. It just goes to show how we can find the flaws fast but we have SO MANY MORE good things about ourselves going on!

If your considering doing a boudoir session, DO IT! Molly not only made the whole experience amazing, but life is too short to put it off! I’m SO glad I booked it! Molly has the skill and knowledge to make your ideas come to life and the honest input to make sure you look and feel your best! From start to finish, she makes sure the experience is one to remember and cherish.

I know anyone reading this is thinking I’m a total sap or something, but no lie, I’m so grateful for this experience and Molly and Kristin making this the best thing I’ve done for myself. I told Molly my goal now is to make sure all my girlfriends do this for themselves! Not only is it something fun to do, but you really get to learn a lot about yourself and see a kind of beautiful you may not have seen before! I know when I’m 80, I’m gonna have these hanging up all over my house 😜