I'm a fairy.

I am a semi-retired woman in my mid-fifties.  

And I'm a fairy.  

I wear wings and a floral crown and grant wishes for children, which has provided some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

In my early 50's, I decided to have my extensive birthmark tattooed.  In fairy garb, I mostly wore long sleeves as the birthmark could be  unsettling for children and sometimes make them uncomfortable. But boy can that get hot in the summer!  I had considered getting the birthmark tattooed for a while and finally found a great artist to do it

- Bret of Explosive Ink Tattoo in Hebron IL.  

I told him, "The birthmark is red.  Roses are red.  Can you do something with that?" And he did.  I chose to have only black ink used for the tattoo, as I appreciate the birthmark is a unique part of me.  

I didn't want to disguise it, but embellish it.

It took two weeks for him to design the tattoo, and 27 hours of ink time to create it.  I promised the tattoo artist photos of his creation, but it took a while to find a photographer who would embrace my vision.   I didn't want what I envisioned  typical boudoir photos to be: make me look younger, thinner,  accentuate  the good, hide the flaws, use quadruple filters to make a fuzzy image of me that doesn't reflect who I really am.

Molly got that.  In fact, she "gets that" for all of her clients.  Her photos aren't camouflage of what is real.  Her photos show the real and unique beauty of every person whom she photographs.

Molly and I met for a consultation, and I brought my design concepts to her with absolutely no idea how they could be achieved.  When she said, "I love when clients come to me with ideas!" and she pulled up a special effect idea right there at the consultation,  I knew I had found my photography artist!  She explained the steps we would take and the time line to follow to accomplish our goal so I was very comfortable and felt nothing but excitement about the upcoming session.

Molly's enthusiasm to take my ideas and to accept my challenge to transform them using her artistic talents reinforced my decision to work with her.

Before I entered the studio, I felt some concern about having someone else do my make-up because I didn't want the "cookie cutter make-up counter" look.  

But the make-up artist was fantastic.  

She took the time to consider my features and the specifics of the project, consulting with Molly and myself along the way to make sure she was creating a signature look that would work perfectly for the photos.

The session was relaxed, well organized and just a blast! I'm a light hearted person, so there was lots of laughter and positive energy.  While the entire experience was wonderful, I would have to say that what impressed me most was that both gals were able to sense my comfort level (I'm very comfortable in my own skin) and  immediately adapt to the mood.  I know that if I had felt any trepidation, they would have adapted equally as well to be supportive in any way I needed.  Their professionalism and ability to read people and guild them through the session so that each client has his or her own unique and wonderful experience really impressed me.

Initially, I was excited to have photos that would capture the artistry of my tattoo.  I wanted to give them to my tattoo artist to display his art, and I knew it would be fun to have a set, too.

After the session , I realized that these photos would be so much more than that.  These would be works of art in and of themselves, the culmination of talent from two outstanding artists in which I had the honor and privilege to have been the canvas. When I saw the final photos, I was in awe.  I thought my original design idea might be difficult to create.  Molly not only achieved it, but surpassed my expectations in ways I cannot even fathom!  I could never have imagined how incredible the entire experience and end product would be.

While I am comfortable in my own skin, I'm not an exhibitionist in any way.  Sort of the "walk around naked in the privacy of my own home" kind of private. But seeing these artistic creations, I told Molly to feel free to use them in any way she would like.  You know - share them with clients and potential clients, blog them, use them to promote her work, print them on T-Shirts,  post them on a billboard in Millennium Park, hang them in the Louvre......

Whether you have ever entertained the idea of having a boudoir photo taken, or not - do it.  Do it for the most important person in your life - and by that I mean- YOU.   Don't feel you need to have a Significant Other to share them with, or wait until you've lost a few pounds, or worry that  your "girls" are too droopy, or that you have wrinkles, or stretch marks, or a gnarly bikini line, or golf ball dimples on your bum -  you are beautiful just the way you are.  

Molly can create photos that are a true testimony to that. And hey, sometimes the world can hit with waves of negativity and unfair judgement and leave us feeling deflated, unworthy and imperfect.  How nice to have a work of art (or in my case eight) hanging on your wall to occasionally remind you of the beautiful Goddess you are.

You are perfectly you.   And you deserve this.