We Need This Confidence

I'm a late twenties married lady who has known Molly since we played softball together in grade school.

In the back of my head the session would always be a gift for my husband - after seeing the results I know he will be amazed and love them.

But honestly, I have used Molly in the past to do couples photos and photos for my mom's wedding and when I saw her getting into boudoir photography

I couldn't help but love how she portrayed women's strength.

I enjoy art and photography as much as the next gal and my creative juices started flowing. It started off with wanting to use big 'manly' tools and we ended up in a mechanic's repair shop literally getting down and dirty.

Leading up to the session I was a bit nervous. Things I felt confident about before were bothering me - my body hair, my style choices, how much money I was spending.. and Molly was there every step of the way.

She was empowering and supportive. She put so much time and effort into our session (before, during and after) I knew that I was the one getting the bargain.

I think keeping it a secret was the worst! I know my husband would have been so supportive with all my little insecurities and I couldn't include him!

During our session I felt completely at ease. I even laughed a few times.. I thought we were going to be strictly business but Molly is just so easy to be around and talk to that we couldn't help ourselves.

I loved when Molly walked around the entire work shop. It was her first time in the space, the ten second video I sent her really didn't do it any justice, and she was just quiet and looked. It's like the beauty of watching gears turn on a clock. I knew then that everything was going to be perfect.

During our session I was a bit thrown off because a close friend I had invited brought her boyfriend's younger teen sister and it was totally unexpected. Molly's guard was definitely up and it was awesome seeing her protective of my privacy! I really am not that shy with my body, so it truly didn't bother me that she came and it ended up being a very encouraging and inspiring experience for the teen as well.

Sadly we all know to some extent that our society shames us for what we are so early... and I am proud that I was able to show her the confidence and strength that it takes to not fit the modern day mold.

Right after the session I felt accomplished. In the days after I tried to not think about how excited I was because I was waiting a few extra months to give them to my husband on our anniversary. I'm still waiting to give them to him and it is even harder now with all the beautiful pictures ready!! I'm so excited!

I look at them every night and think YES! I don't care if it is selfish.

We need this confidence. Western society has been telling us for too long we need to be something, change something, thinner nose, sharper jaw, thicker eyebrows... c'mon! We just need to be OURSELVES!

Do iiiiiiit. Don't waste time. Don't think you need to go to the gym. Don't shave (ever, really :D) Treat yourself, get your makeup done how you love it, get your hair done how you love it. BE YOU. Get creative!

Thank you so much Molly for travelling so far! I already have more ideas for other sessions!! Can't wait until you are out here again!