I've had to work hard at building my self worth and confidence.

My reason for doing a boudoir session was because I'm really insecure in front of the camera. I wanted to conquer my fears. Also, I wanted to experience a session with Molly because I was comfortable with her and confident in her work.

I am a full time student, a licensed massage therapist and I spend a lot of time with humanitarian work.

I am in love with the idea of becoming a better version of myself everyday. I try to live a mindful and connected lifestyle. 

I've had to work hard at building my self worth and confidence. I never would have even considered this a couple years ago. Today I feel like the sexy goddess that Molly has captured and helped me see even further. 

Leading up to my session I was a little nervous and gave myself permission to totally opt out lol, but I just decided to do it! I was totally outside my comfort zone. 

During my session it was like girl time. It felt like I was just hanging out with my girl, playing dress up and having some artsy fun. I was unexpectedly super comfortable haha. It was super exciting and fun. I was on kind of a high then, Omg I was dying to see the photos. I had no idea if I would like myself in them. I feel like I conquered another fear and like and even more badass version of myself.

To other women... Do it! Don't even think about it. Just trust the process and Molly will perfectly capture you most beautiful self. I loved it and it's inspired me in more than one way.