Anyone can take a photo in 75 and sunny

"Anyone can go out and take a photo when it's 75 degrees and sunny outside, it's the ones who weather the storm that get recognized."

I wish so badly I could remember who I got that from.

It was during my first days as an "Instagram Photographer"

I always loved photography and just started taking photos of my surroundings in Burnsville, NC and posting them to Instagram.

Like most people, I would go out on a beautiful day and take photos of the greenery and the sunshine and call it a day.

Then I read this quote.

It wasn't directed towards me but I took it as a challenge.

I thought to myself:

"Yeah...exactly! I want to stand out."

That sentence, who ever it came from sticks in my mind every time a client tries to cancel due to weather and every time I say "No way, we're going" They end up having the most AMAZING unique photos that most people won't ever get.

HENCE, these beautiful freaking photos.

It takes a special pair to go out on a frozen bluff in Minnesota in February to get these kinds of photos and luckily you have me and my amazing friend Amy.

Enjoy Lovelies <3