Find Something New in Yourself

I mostly did the session for myself. I have been going through some difficult health problems that have mounted over the last year and I know I have lost myself in the chaos of it all. I saw Molly's post for a model call and I thought

"hey, maybe you can find something new in yourself if you step out of your comfort zone."

Even though the session was for me I knew I would share the pictures with my boyfriend because... Why not? ;)

I'm not someone who seeks out attention. I have rarely felt sexy and I don't think many see me as such, which I've come to terms with. I like to be me, despite the inner and outer things that bring me down.

My personality will not be compromised; I am funny, smart and kind, and I believe I bring out those traits in others.

I was extremely nervous leading up to my session because I didn't think I could look as beautiful as the other girls I had seen Molly photograph. I also was going through a particularly rough patch of health and was not feeling or looking like myself. I suppose my own inner demons were getting the best of me.

I stayed nervous even through getting my makeup done (which I had also never done before). Once I changed into my outfit and was waiting for Molly to get started, we were talking and I suddenly felt more at ease. I don't know Molly, I went to high school with her and only briefly spoke with her before the shoot, but I felt comfortable in her presence.

Once we started, Molly talked with me and made me feel confident for the first time since I could remember. Even though I was jumping around in my underwear, she made me feel as if I were alone in my own room with nobody watching; free to jiggle and laugh and be me. It was completely unexpected and made me a true believer in Molly.

I was still nervous after the shoot because I didn't know if I had pulled it off. I knew that Molly had done her job, and done it well, but I ultimately lacked the confidence in myself that I would meet my own expectations.

I believe that doing boudoir has shown me that if I want to do something I need to just DO IT and not be afraid.

I would tell any woman that if you want to do boudoir then DO IT, because Molly is a professional and will make you feel beautiful and important.


You are an amazing person and your artistry is a gift, not only to you, but to all the women you come across. Your personality truly is a beam of light and you deserve all the success you have built. I am so happy for you and your growing business. Whenever I need a photographer you will always be my Number One.