A Victoria Secret Model for a Day

I'm a newly married, small town girl and a dog mom :). I was wanting to do a boudoir session for a first anniversary gift for my husband. I was at a loss with what to give him, every other "paper" item I could think of seemed so girly. Some girlfriends of mine had some boudoir sessions and gave me the confidence boost to give it a try and give him something he'd ACTUALLY like. 

I was nervous leading up to my session, but also excited. I knew with getting my hair and make-up done that I was in good hands...but I was mostly worried about how my body was going to look on camera.

I have had weight issues ever since high school and even though I have lost a lot of the weight I put on in college, I still feel like most of the time when I look in the mirror, I still don't see the tinier version.

I also know the camera adds a lot of weight to you, so I 

didn't know how it would come across. My insecurities were fueling my emotions. 

Once I saw how bomb my hair and make-up looked, I was all in. Molly is pretty much the sweetest ever and kept complimenting me and making me feel so good that I believed everything she was saying. It made the whole shoot so FUN and made me feel like I was a Victoria Secret model for a day.

I wasn't worried about how big my thighs looked or my cellulite showing, I was just having fun and being myself.

It was so unexpected for me to feel SEXY. If i get all dressed up and I'm feeling my best...I may feel pretty or cute but I don't ever feel sexy. It was so amazing to just feel like a WOMAN and feel the power in that. 

After my session I felt like I was now a part of this awesome sisterhood who just celebrates beauty. I felt amazing!

Doing a boudoir session has made me realize that I AM beautiful, cute, pretty AND sexy...because I'm just being me. No matter what size I am. I would tell anyone (and in fact I've already told a lot) that they should do a boudoir session. You will have stunning photos forever and an experience that is unlike anything else. You will finally be able to see what everyone else sees in you.

And, honestly I love my photos so much, ever since I have gotten my gallery I cannot stop looking at them! Almost every time I'm in shock that the girl in the pictures is me. I honestly think I love the way I look in these pictures even more than some of my own wedding photos. I think when I get my album I will probably end up looking at it more than my husband! Haha!