It Was Nice Feeling Glamorous

I have always wanted to do a boudoir session and have heard such positive things from friends who had done them. I wanted an excuse to get dolled up and have photos taken since the last time I had professional photos taken was for my senior pictures in 2005!

I'm 30 years old, an animal lover, activist, massage therapist, eco-friendly freak and I love trying new things; especially is they get my adrenaline pumping! Traveling is one of my greatest joys in life and I'm excited to spend 3 weeks in Southeast Asia in January!

Leading up to my session I was really nervous and very excited! I didn't want to come off unnatural or awkward while posing and it's hard for me to be serious in photos! I was uncertain in what to expect from the session!

I felt shy in the beginning but quickly got more comfortable. I was put at ease when I was helped with things like hand and head placement, as well as hearing encouraging words! I was really happy got to do some fun shot while jumping on the bed too!

I didn't expect to feel so confident and almost empowered once the session got going. It was nice feeling glamorous :)

Right after I felt great and almost a little silly for being so nervous initially! I couldn't wait to see how the shoot turned out and in the following days I chatted a lot with friends who had either had boudoir sessions themselves or wanted to but had never gone for it. It sparked some really great conversation!

I would say it gave me a little boost in confidence. I'm really happy I did it and love looking back on the photos. 

To all the women who are considering doing a boudoir session; Do it!! Don't let any silly fears hold you back, just go for it so you don't regret not doing it years later!

And to add, I just want to thank you Molly and say you're really great at what you do, I wouldn't have wanted my first boudoir session to go any other way :)