It has pried my fingers off my insecurities.

My reason for doing the boudoir session AT FIRST, was my husband. I was celebrating 10 years of marriage. Once it started and I got comfortable it was ALL for ME.

I was extremely nervous and not sure of what I had gotten myself into. I actually left before my session and was not sure if I wanted to return. I did!

I am 34 with 4 amazing, crazy kids. I go to school and work. I don't really dress up, I wear scrubs at work and sweats at home. My self confidence was fueling my emotions to runaway. After 4 kids your body isn't the same. I was really holding onto my insecurities.

But, something amazing happened. As the session went on I forgot about my insecurities. 

I felt empowered, beautiful, sexy. I was ready to take on the world! It's been about a month since my session and I'm rocking heels and skinny jeans and curing my hair. I love being me! I'm beautiful the way I am, no Brazilian Butt Lift or Liposuction needed.

It has pried my fingers off my insecurities. It has set me FREE.

To the women considering a boudoir session I would say HELL YEAH do it. If not for yourself do it for any reason you'd like. In the end it will be all for you. It is something you will not regret. 

Thank you Molly! Not only did you take amazing pictures, you set me FREE! You made me feel at ease and your smile was contagious. I felt like I was hanging out with my friend goofing around. It's an experience of a lifetime!