The Beginning Of It All.

My first attempt at beginning a boudoir branch of photography was on my 25th birthday.

I had what I thought was a group of 4-5 girls down for a boudoir shoot.

What I ended up with was just walking the streets of Chicago with mini bottles of Merlot and taking pictures of beautiful girls hula hooping.

But, as you can see from this stunning website

that was not my last attempt.

I have written in my other blogs as a wedding photographer that it is hard to stop and idea that is bouncing around in my head.

As a wedding photographer, I LOVE the bride.
This glowing woman has been given the opportunity to be the most beautiful woman in the room for an entire day. She picks a beautiful gown and invites her family and friends from all over the country to join in on celebrating with an extravagant event she planned herself.

The bride is always my favorite. So why wouldn't boudoir photography be my true calling? To have women that come to me and trust me to make them the most stunning woman in the room. To photograph them in all of their beauty and even when the woman isn't confident, raise her confidence to believe her beauty!

That sounds like the PERFECT JOB for me.

One of the first compliments I ever received as a wedding photographer was:

"I love how you are not afraid to compliment the bride! You can tell that when you walk in the room these women feel immediately comfortable with you. Their smiles from being complimented is something genuine that you cannot fake."

Maybe that sounds like I'm doing it on purpose, to get that smile.

In all of my honesty that I have, I find beauty in EVERYONE. It just seems like a natural stepping stone that I brand myself for boudoir. I want to show these women (you included) that everyone is beautiful.
It's 7 months past my 25th birthday.

Over the next 3 weeks I will be photographing over 25 women from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Utah.

Keep in touch! There's soooo much to come.